New Puppy Resources


There are sooooo many bad trainers and online “experts” with crappy advice out there….. 

One of the most valuable resources we have found is the Baxter & Bella online puppy training school.   It has current information for experienced dog owners and a excellent resource for the new puppy owner.

It’s easy to follow, user friendly and covers:

 - Getting ready before your puppy comes home,

- Potty training,

- Crate training,

- Socialization,

- Naughty puppy behaviours (jumping, barking, nipping)

- Kids and puppies,

- Introduction to your other pets.

The program includes videos, written material, podcasts AND 1 on 1 video lessons with you and your puppy.  This is one of the most comprehensive programs we have seen and includes lifetime access.   Baxter & Bella online puppy training school in combination with your in-person puppy class will set you up for success. 

The Stuff

We think it is very important for your puppy to get a great start in their new home.   We have complied the Puppy Shopping List to provide owners with a guide for the stuff you will find most helpful  when your puppy comes home.  Creating Amazon links was the easiest way to help you be able see the items and find them (many may be available thru your local pet stores).   We have only included the brands we have used and know from personal experience are going to last.

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