Puppy Shopping List 

Here are a few of the things that we recommend for your PWD.  During one of our Whoosh Zoom sessions we will teach you how to use them. We personally use all items listed and have found them to be functional and good value for the money.  We have included Amazon links  where applicable, but some of these items are available from other sources.

This list is complied on  Amazon.com while we were living in the USA;  Amazon recently added a feature which automatically links Canadian IP addresses to the Amazon.ca equivilant page.  We have found that some the items are cheaper if ordered from Amazon.com even with the exchange and additional shipping to it is worth checking.

Getting Started

Snuggle Puppy

First thing you should buy.  Helps puppy be more comfortable and confident on his first nights in his new home.  It really works, it has a heart beat and heat pack to emulate his siblings.  We recommend drop shipping this to us so we can have it spend a couple of nights with the puppies to get both mom’s and the puppies scents on it.   We sometimes have these available at a slightly cheaper price, so check with us.

Flying Your Puppy

For those of you that will be flying your puppy home, we have used the Bergen Comfort Carrier for years.  Each Airline has slightly different guidelines as to size of the pet carrier and how the dog fits within the carrier.  We love this carrier because it is soft sided, squishing to meet size requirements and actually allows the dogs more space to standup and move around in the carrier.  It also has great ventilation and sturdy botton with a nice fleece bed which makes it easy to carry.  Holly who just turned ten  flew home from New York in one of these carriers, which is still going strong and we’ve had lots of puppy owners buy this carrier.

The Bergen size we use is 18” long and 9” wide (height will be listed ~11” for the

There are a number of knock offs on Amazon, we haven’t seen them in person, so we cannot coment on the quality of the construction or if they’re squishable.

*** We are stating  what has worked for us on multiple trips with puppies in the cabin, but  Airlines can be inconsistent in the application of pet rules.  Please do not purchase any other colour of carrier than black.  Before you go home  we will be providing you with our  "flying with your puppy’ handout. 


They also may be available in your local pet stores or check on Marketplace or Craigslist as people often buy them of a single trip.

Collar & Leash

The puppy will need a collar with a 8”-12" neck size.  We like the Collar Direct Rolled leather collars which keep the hair from matting and breaking.  We recommend a good quality 6’ leash,  we prefer leather leashes as nylon can burn your hands. You will need a light leash to start as your puppy will be about 10-12 pounds when they come home (we have had people come with leashes that you could tie up a tugboat, LOL).    There are lots of options for collars and leashes but be cautious to ensure that the hardware on any collar is good quality so it doesn’t break, some good manufacturers are Rogz, RuffWear and Hamilton.    

***** It will not be safe to take your puppy to a pet store to try on collars until at least 2 weeks after his vaccinations.

Puppy Calming Diffuser

Adaptil helps your puppy adjust to his new living situation by reducing stress and anxiety. The puppies have been raised with an Adaptil Diffuser in our home; our Vet uses a diffuser in every treatment room at the clinic and loves them.   Adaptil also a collar version.

36” Dog Crate

There are many variations of crates on the market.  The Mid-West crates are a good quality, and reasonably priced.  36” crates generally work for all but the largest of PWDs, this crate also comes with a divider which allows you to reduce the size of the crate when the puppy is small and gradually increase it as they grow.

36”  Crate Pad

We don’t recommend spending a lot of money on your first crate pad as puppies will sometimes chew them (Chewers need to have their pads removed).  We keep two fabric pads per crate so that one can be in the wash.   A non-chew version that is our very favourite is available at PrimoPads  these are custom sized to your individual crate, so you need the crate first to measure it.

Safe Spot for Puppy

It is important to have a spot for your puppy in the middle of the action that is safe.  We recommend either a combination of baby gates to restrict access to a small space or use an exercise pen like the one below to create a safe spot.  The crate is your puppy’s bed, this is his play-space when you are not directly supervising him.  More Details in Avidog’s Puppy College.  We recommend going with at least a 40” high pen.   

Water Dish

We like this style of water dish for puppies.   They are called Water Dogs for a reason and puppies love to play in their water bowls, the wide bases make it extremely difficult for them to flip the dish.   Puppies should have access to water where ever they are, so have a couple of bowls will keep you from having to move full water dishes around.  We also recommend a Pet Mat or Boot Tray to protect your floor from spilled water.  

Snuffle Matt

Snuffle mats are great for keeping your puppy entertained.  They come in a variety of designs, generally consisting of a high pile fabric that you can sprinkle kibble or treats into.  It’s a hide and seek game for the dogs and will often keep them occupied for time. We recommend versions that have heavy base or tie downs as adult water dogs will sometimes pick them up and shake them to get the treats out.


The first chew toy you should get.  Kong makes great chew toys.  Your pup needs to chew.  You can stuff the kong with treats or freeze it with yogurt, peanut butter, etc so it lasts even longer.  Safe to leave your puppy alone with in his crate.  We recommend the classic Kong in a medium to start, and then a large as the puppy grows.  Please check Kong’s size charts for their other products. 


Nylabones are great to have around to keep your puppy busy, we keep at least one per puppy in the pen once they start to get their teeth.   This is a great  starter set which includes a soft starter bone, a harder graduate bone and an edible bone.   There is a wide range of Nylabone products in all shapes, sizes and flavours.

Yak Chews

Very hard chews made from Yak Milk.  They are the longest lasting safe edible we’ve found. 

Bully Sticks

A good chew to keep your puppy busy.  NO RAWHIDE EVER! Bully sticks are a natural product that is safe for puppies. (Rawhide is made with nasty chemicals and cause bowel obstructions that may need surgery)

goDog Stuffed Toys

This is the best soft toy brand we have found.  Their toys last longer than others.  Any stuffed toy needs to be taken away if the stuffing starts to come out.  Medium or Large.

Water Bottle Toys

Puppies love toys that crunch.  Like these with water bottles inside. (Take off the caps of any bottles that your puppy is chewing and watch that they are not breaking off pieces of plastic)

No Stuffing Toys

Nice to have some toys that they can’t pull the stuffing out of.


Grooming - These are the must haves for at home, even if you are using a groomer.

Millers Forge Stainless Steel Slicker Brush

There are many different slicker brushes on the market made for many different breeds and hair types. These Millers Forge “Doggy Man” brushes have been our goto  for many years, they are just right for the PWD coat.   We always have at least two of these slickers because sometimes they are difficult to find (You can try googling other suppliers).  They come in two sizes, the small will work for your puppy, but we recommend just getting the Large as your puppy will grow into it.   Please avoid any brushes at pet stores, quite frankly they suck.    With the recent supply issues we have also included our favorite slicker brush as an option.

Chris Christensen makes some of the best dog grooming tools and supplies.  This slicker brush is designed for PWD type coats.  It is expersive but will last a lifetime (as long as you don’t allow your puppy to chew it - as we learned  the hard way)

Metal Comb

We recommend a good quality stainless steel comb with both narrow and wide teeth.


This is our go-to shampoo.  Also available in a Gallon concentrate that you mix with water and will last you years.


This is our go-to Conditioner.  Also available in a Gallon concentrate that you mix with water and will last you years.


Detangling Spray

This is a grooming spray that is great for helping keep matts away.  You can spray it on your dog and brush it through after he has been swimming or  wet.  This is a concentrate so you also need a spray bottle (it is also available in a premix, but the price is crazy).  

Chris Chistensen also makes the Ice on Ice line which consists of a Detangling Shampoo, Conditioner and detangling spray that we love. . 

Lick Mat

This is going to seem silly, but if you have ever tried to control a puppy in the bath tub, you will understand the value.  Also great for distracting puppy while doing toe nails.  ( Before using any peanut butter or cheese spread check to make sure that it does not contain  Xylitol which is deadly to dogs)


It is important to be able to keep your puppies nails trimmed between grooming visits.  There are two main methods, clippers or grinders.  We are firmly in the grinder camp as it is less likely to cut into the blood vessel that runs through the nail.   

There are lots of “Dog Toe Grinders” on the market, many with special shields etc;  We have not found any of these that works well.  We recommend the Dremel shown below , it is cordless so it is easy to move around the dogs paws, has enough power, and fits the bits we recommend.   Some people use the sanding drums that come with the tool for nails, we have found that they heat up too quickly and can burn the dog and the drums catch in the hair - We do not recommend using sanding drums with our breed.   We recommend the Diamagroove bit.  This is the gold standard for diamond nail grinder bits, we have been using ours for >5  years. (click link Diamagroove - Order - Pinical Model - Standard Grit).  There are a couple of knock of versions on Amazon,  we have tried them but they are poorly made and catch/pull hair.   We think the original Diamagroove product is worth the money as it is far superior, doesn’t tangle in the coat and the hollow design keeps the bit cool.  

Note: Some of these links are affiliate (we receive a small commission with no additional cost to you) , but we only endorse products that we believe in and use. 


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