Whoosh Robel Princess Nautique


Born: 28 March 2017

Tique Photo Shoot Kiawa - W600.jpg

Nautique is out of Hollywood’s first litter.   She is growing up fast, the highlight so far was getting a Best Puppy in Group on her way to her Canadian Championship.  Tique has earned her Junior Water Dog certificate and a Trick Dog Novice Title as well as training for the obedience and agility rings.  We wanted an energetic puppy and we certainlly got it! Tique approaches all tasks with 100% enthusiasm - she bounds into the water, zooms around the agility field and leaps onto your lap to cuddle.  She travelled over 8,000 miles in our RV as a pup and hasn’t been to a place she didn’t like yet!  Tique is the snuggliest dog we’ve ever owned. :) 

Tique JWD Icy WWD Water Win Picture - W683.jpg Tique Table Ribbon W341.jpgTique on table W683.jpg

Tique/Greg (Right) and Tique’s dad Icy/Dr Linda Fowler (Left) earning their Junior Water Dog and Working Water Dog respectively. 

(Summer 2019)

Red w- FLOATLINE 10 Days Old W683.jpg

Tique Best Puppy in Group (at 9 Months) hanging out on the grooming table at the show.

Tique surprised us by hanging out on another kind of table. LOL. 

Tique at 6 Days old.

Tique W Greg Charleston Stack Lake - W682.jpg

A fluffy Tique in show form (Right) and a flaked out Tique in the RV (Below) after a day of showing.

Tique RV belly Up -  W378.jpg

Tique in Chair - W600.jpg


Hips:  OFA Good PW-8408G24F-PI

Elbows: OFA Normal PW-EL3788F24-PI

prcd-PRA: Optigen Normal

GM1: Normal

JDCM: Normal

Improper Coat: Normal

Microphthalmia: Clear

Eyes: OFA Normal PW-EYE3114/29F-VPI

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