Puppy Placement Process

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                  Late Spring 2021 


We ask potential homes to complete a Puppy Information Request on line.  We will then schedule a phone call where we will ask you a lot of questions to find out if a Portuguese Water Dog from a current litter may be a match for your home.  This call is the perfect time for you to ask us questions too.   If we don’t believe that one of our puppies is right for your situation, we may refer you to another quality breeder.  If it sounds like one of our puppies will be the right match for your family, we will encourage you to move on to the next steps.

 Puppy Selection

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We work closely with families to ensure that each puppy is placed in the most appropriate home.   We have impartial breeders come and conduct structure and the APET temperament tests at 7 weeks old.  This gives us a lot of information about each puppy, and helps us decide which home is best for them.  Our pupppies are all friendly and happy but some will be better suited to an athletic home (think “jock”),  some will be better suited to conformation, and some will be better suited to a family with little kids than others.  We want to place a puppy who is a “jock” with an athletic family, and a “beauty queen” with a like-minded famly.  We value learning a lot about your family so that we can match the best puppy for you.   All aspects of the new home are considered for puppy placement, including other pets, children, yard size, special needs, and the amount of time the new owners are able to spend with the puppy.  Another primary consideration is the type(s) of activities and dog sports that the new owners are planning on doing with the puppy.  Keep in mind that Portuguese Water Dogs are very active dogs and enjoy being with their families.


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Go home Date

After Puppies are born, we contact new owners and provide updates on the puppies development and provide pictures and videos to allow them to connect with the puppies.  Shortly after birth we will set the go home date (at approximately 9 weeks of age) and work with owners to decide of times for pickup.   This is a collaborative effort with some people driving long distances or flying to pick up their puppy in person.  We are located in 25 mins from the Columbia, SC airport and 1 1/2 hours south of the Charlotte, NC airport (this airport offers many more connection options).  If flying, the new owner needs to confirm with the airline that the puppy will be allowed to travel home as a carry-on in cabin with the owner.

We do not ship puppies as cargo, all puppies must be picked up in person.  This is in the pup's best interest and we make no exceptions.  

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Should you contact us even if we don’t have a litter now?

Sure!  Our number one priority is to match the right puppy with the right owner.  As we breed a limited number of puppies each year, we are happy to keep potential owners in the loop for upcoming litters. We are open about our puppies and are happy to share details about: deposits, terms of the health guarantee, how we support puppy owners, ownership terms and conditions, and expected responsibilities of the  puppy owner. 

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Puppy Information Request

We are currently very busy raising our current litter of puppies born Nov 2020 (sorry all of this litter in spoken for). We apologize as there maybe delays in our responses to Information Requests.  

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