Welcome to WHOOSH Portuguese Water Dogs!

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We are celebrating our 23th year with Portuguese Water Dogs in our life.  Our adventures have taken us across Canada and the USA, and we have recently settled back in Canada on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  

We are committed to breeding intelligent, structurally sound, healthy Portuguese Water Dogs, we typically raise one or two litters per year in our home.

It is extremely important to us to match the right puppy to the right home and we are equally committed to supporting our owner families for the lifetime of their dog.  We recognize that it is through our owners that each of our dogs enjoy a rich full life and reach their full potential.

Our dogs have had success in a multitude of venues including conformation, obedience,  agility, rally and water work. Our number one priority is breeding quality PWDs that are dedicated family companions.  

Please explore our site and discover the world of Whoosh Portuguese Water Dogs.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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