CH Whoosh Robel Princess Nautique, RN, CGC, JWC, AWD,TDN


Born: 28 March 2017

Tique Photo Shoot Kiawa - W600.jpg

Nautique is out of Hollywood’s first litter.   She is everything a PWD should be: smart, loves to work and please her people.  She has the structure we love and earned a "Best Puppy in Group" on her way to her Canadian Conformaiton Championship.   Tique approaches all tasks with 100% enthusiasm - she bounds into the water, zooms around the agility field and leaps onto your lap to cuddle.  She travelled over 8,000 miles in our RV as a pup and hasn’t been to a place she didn’t like yet!  Tique is the snuggliest dog we’ve ever owned. :) She has had two litters of fabulous puppies when bred to Amazing Ace, and we are thrilled with her puppies.

Junior Water Dog Certificate
Apprentice Water Dog

Trick Dog Novice (AKC)

Rally Novice Obedience (AKC)

Tique JWD Icy WWD Water Win Picture - W683.jpg Tique Table Ribbon W341.jpgTique on table W683.jpg

Tique/Greg (Right) and Tique’s dad Icy/Dr Linda Fowler (Left) earning their Junior Water Dog and Working Water Dog respectively. 

(Summer 2019)

Red w- FLOATLINE 10 Days Old W683.jpg

Tique Best Puppy in Group (at 9 Months) hanging out on the grooming table at the show.

Tique surprised us by hanging out on another kind of table. LOL. 

Tique at 6 Days old.

Tique W Greg Charleston Stack Lake - W682.jpg

A fluffy Tique in show form (Right) and a flaked out Tique in the RV (Below) after a day of showing.

Tique RV belly Up -  W378.jpg

Tique in Chair - W600.jpg


Hips:  OFA Good PW-8408G24F-PI

Elbows: OFA Normal PW-EL3788F24-PI

prcd-PRA: Optigen Normal

GM1: Normal

JDCM: Normal

Improper Coat: Normal

Microphthalmia: Clear

Eyes: OFA Normal PW-EYE3114/29F-VPI

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