Our Dogs

Every one of our dogs is a member of the family and lives with us in our home. The dogs enjoy a lifetime of love as well as the very best food, accommodation, veterinary care and enrichment that we can provide.  All of our dogs keep active with dog sports, and particularly love water either in the pool, ocean or at the lake.  To say that our life revolves our dogs is not an understatement.

We are grateful to our long-time mentors Robel Portuguese Water Dogs and Dr. Linda Fowler of Nautique Portuguese Water Dogs for trusting us with their bloodlines, and helping us ensure we do our very best for our fabulous breed.  We hold a special place in our hearts for Shelly Palash of Echobay Portuguese Water dogs who co-owned our first Portuguese Water Dog with us in 2002.  We still remember leaving Shelly’s house and thinking “Did we pass that interview? Do you think she’ll let us have a puppy?”

Holly Greg Robin Boat.jpg

Can & USA GCH AM GCH HIT Robel Grace Kelly of Nautique, AOM, GROM, AWD, WWD, CD, CDX, RN, RA, AgN, AgNJ

Ary W Sharlie W341.jpg

Can GCH AM CH HIT Robel Aryanna, AWD, WWD, CD, AgN, AgNJ, AFN, NA

Tique Table Ribbon W341.jpg

CH Whoosh Robel Princess Nautique, RN, CGC, JWC, AWD,TDN

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