At Whoosh, we breed one or two litters per year.  All puppies are from parents who are proven in both the conformation show ring and in multiple performance venues. This matters because it proves that the parents are brave and smart - two qualities that everyone wants in a puppy.  We focus our attention on these special puppies right from the day they are born.  

Whoosh spends time daily training, socializing and desensitizing the puppies through implementation of the most current development and rearing techniques - Puppy Culture and Avidog. This results in puppies who are as outgoing, confident, and friendly as they can be.   (See “Growing Up Whoosh”)                                 

Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) puppies are very intelligent and they like to be busy.  A good home for a PWD is a family who includes their dog in  many of things they do as part of of their regular day.  These might be active outdoor activities like boating, hiking or camping, or they might be more formal dog activities like Performance Events (agility, rally, obedience) or Conformation.

Whoosh puppies do well in a variety of homes.  Most commonly breeders categorize homes as “Performance”, “Conformation” or “Pet” homes. Often, we find that Whoosh puppy owners start off saying, “I just want a pet”, but when they have fun at a puppy kindergarten class they go on to explore other activities with their dogs including agility or obedience. 

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