I Just Want a Pet...

Why should you care if the puppy’s parents have all those ribbons and all those letters before and after their name?  

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You think you want “just a pet”… but you want a HEALTHY puppy, right?

Serious breeders have each puppy examined by a Veterinarian just before they go home, and give you proof.  Whoosh does this and goes the extra mile to have each puppy examined by an Ophthalmologist too.  Whoosh puppies also now come with access to a month of free Pet Insurance provided by Trupanion.


You think you want “just a pet”… but you want it to grow into a HEALTHY dog, right?

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Quality breeders provide a health guarantee against genetically inherited diseases.  We can do this because we invest in completing all genetic testing on all the parent dogs recommended by Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA).   Any quality breeder will be happy to email you copies of health testing certificates, and tell you how to look them up on the official OFA website.  Doing all genetic testing is one of the simpliest ways that a puppy buyer can look at to seperate a quality breeder from a non-quality breeder.  Please, please, please ask for health certificates to be emailed to you and don’t be fooled by those that simply tell you “my dogs are healthy” or “my dogs were checked and they’re fine”.  

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You think you want “just a pet”… but you want a FRIENDLY puppy, right?

Most puppies are friendly when you visit them on their home turf.  Whoosh goes the extra mile and we implement both “AviDog” and “Puppy Culture” protocols to ensure that pups have had the best neurological and environmental stimulation possible.  This means things like our pups meet over 50 strangers before they are 8 weeks old.  Our pups LOVE people.

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You think you want “just a pet”… but you don’t want it to come from a puppy mill, right?

Lets face it, the “puppy mills” are never going to admit they are puppy mills.  We’ve looked at their websites, and they are VERY slick - they don’t look like puppy mills at all.  Your best protection is to make sure that the parents have CH in front of their name, make sure the parents are listed on the OFA website (look them up yourself), verify the puppies are raised in the house (with at least weekly photos proving it), and the breeders are members of regional  and national PWD clubs.  We are active members of the Movers and Shakers PWD Club, the PWDCA (Portuguese Water Dog Club of America), the APWDC (Alberta Portuguese Water Dog Club) and the PNWPWDC (Pacific North West Portuguese Water Dog Club). 

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You think you want “just a pet”… but you want a BRAVE puppy, right?

A scared puppy is no fun for anyone.  Timid puppies DO NOT always grow out of it.  A scared adult dog is at risk of fear-biting.  Whoosh breeds only parent dogs who have proven they can perform a variety of tough tasks under pressure, in a variety of locations.  It’s how the dog parents get all those letters before and after their name.  We combine good genetics with the best early development protocols to help puppies develop into the best they can be.

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You think you want “just a pet”… but you want it to LOOK LIKE a Portuguese Water dog, right?

The CH in front of the puppy’s parents means Champion.  Proof that they have met an “ideal standard” so the puppy's parents look like Portuguese Water Dogs, and the puppies will look like Portuguese Water Dogs.  Not poodles. Not goldens.  Not mixes.  “Pet quality” at Whoosh means they don’t meet our very high standards for  a career as a show dog, and we’ll choose not to breed them, but they’ll make super pets.




"How Do You Know If You Are Talking To A Responsible Breeder" from Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, PWDCA.org

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