Feeding Your Puppy

By the time your puppy is ready to go home they will be well established on a combination diet of raw and kibble and started on the supplements shown below.  Keeping them on the same diet they ate here for at least the first 30 days, which will minimize upset tummy’s and diarrhea, and maximize them wanting to eat even when they don’t have their littermates encouraging them. Feed in 3 equal sized meals each day at first, and then decrease to two meals per day at 5-6 months old.


All kibble is not created equal and traveling down the multiple dog food aisles in the pet store can be extremely confusing with all of the options and “fad” diets.   Below are the kibbles that we recommend for your puppy, all are AAFCO Certified for “All Life Stages” and are high in both the protein and fat your growing puppy needs and are made from good quality ingredients.  You will note that none of these foods are “puppy food” - we have found PWD puppies grow too fast on most puppy food and it creates problems.

We recommend rotating the kibble you feed your puppy regularly, we generally have three different foods from at least two manufacturers in our rotation.   There are two main reasons for this:

1.  Your puppy will grow tired of eating one flavor of food.

2. With the number of dog food recalls over the past few years, by rotating foods and manufacturers you reduce the risk of long term exposure to manufacturing error.   To rotate, buy one bag and then buy another type on the list when you still have some left.

** When your puppy is little, buy the 30ish pound bag to get a good deal but not the 50lb because puppy will be very bored and stop eating it before you are finished the bag.  

** Never feed “Grain-free” kibble, they have been linked with a terrible disease called DCM because dogs need the Taurine.

Purina Pro Plan - Sport 30/20

This food is available in 3 flavors, we recommend the Salmon, and the Beef.  Please note, not all Purina is created equally… this 30/20 Sport is a good one but some others are not so good.


Farmina Ocean

This is another one of our favourite foods.  If has a good fat/protein ratio and is very high quality.  Farmina make quite a number of recipes, but the Cod, Spelt, Oats and Orange is the one we recommend.  You may need to ask the store to bring in this.


Food Storage

We have used versions of these containers for years.  They are easy to open,  seal airtight keeping the food fresh and keeping pests out.  They come in a variety of sizes.

Storage Container


Even if you choose not to feed raw to your puppy long term, we highly recommend that you keep them on the raw/kibble combo that they are used to for at least the first month.  Keeping them on the same diet they ate here for at least the first 30 days, which will minimize upset tummy’s and diarrhea, and maximize them wanting to eat even when they don’t have their littermates encouraging them. 

We feed our puppies “Instinct Raw” which is an AAFCO “All Life Stages” certified food.   Puppies love it, they like the chicken and the beef the best.  You find it in the freezer section of the pet store (regularly stocked at PetCo) or available online through Chewy.com.  Buy it in the 6 lb bag, it comes in patties, medallions and bites, it doesn’t really matter but the medallions and bites are easiest to portion.



This Probiotic helps the puppy develop a healthy, regular digestive system.   In addition to the benefits listed, we have seen a marked decrease in ear infections for dogs that are active in the water.  It is \available from Walmart.com (who will not ship to Canada) if you have a friend or PO to send it to.  Many of our puppy people have been able to find a supply in Canada simply thru a google search. 


NuVet Plus K9 Wafers (Vitamins)

NuVet is an American FDA certified lab using natural ingredients to create great pet products.   These vitamins come in either easy to feed  wafers (the dogs love them) or a powder.  We prefer the wafers, and your puppies already eat them.  NuVet sells through approved breeders and vets - you require a code for purchase - 831071 or use this link  www.nuvet.com/831071 .

Salmon Oil

The traditional diet of the PWD had a lot of fish, so the addition of a fish oil high in omega 3, EPA & DHA is good for both overall health and keeps coats healthy and shiny.  We have had great success with the Grizzly Salmon oil, it is very easy to dispense, and most of the dogs love it.  Just buy a small bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Salmon Oil

Cranberry Chews

It is common for puppies to develop urinary tract infections.  We use these chews as a natural preventative. The puppies love them, and they are a much better alternative than a vet bill and antibiotics.

Cran Berry 300

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